About BF

Hey there, welcome to Blueprint Fashion!

Ready to join me on this wild ride? It's just me here, fueled by a passion for cars and a knack for blending automotive blueprints with everyday style. Let's rev things up and dive into a world where fashion meets horsepower!

So, here we are! Blueprint Fashion is where you can find gear that's as laid-back and cool as your favorite ride. From blueprint-inspired designs to accessories that scream "auto enthusiast," there's something here for everyone who feels the need for speed.

But hey, I'm not just about the clothes. I've got a bit of a shutterbug side too. Catch me on social media @blueprint_fashion_eu for some seriously rad car photography, especially if you're into the wild world of drifting. Trust me, it's gonna be a blast!

So, whether you're tearing up the track or just cruising around town, join me at Blueprint Fashion. Let's have some fun, make a statement, and show off our love for cars in style!